Club Shirts

We have all seen them and most of us have them: the "Club Shirt," a display of your letters, line number and colors. At UniQue Greek Designz, we have gone a few steps further. We invite you to personalize your club shirt with your birth chapter and to play with your club name.

For example; Kappa can have "Klub" and the Ques can have Qlub. For numbers, let's say you were first on your line. In that case, you could use "Ace" or any way or language you prefer like "uno club" or "Tail Dog" (for last on line) or Dime club (#10).  Are you from a large line? Why not be Diva, Serious or Finer club. Is your organization a birthright? Join the Legacy Club. Just leave your instructions in the comments section of your order and we will take care of it for you.