About Us

My name is Charles Scott and clearly, I'm a Que. I was never the type of Black Greek that cared if anyone other than my own brothers knew who I was. I'm down for my Sands, but I do enjoy surprising them every once in a while with a sideways reference, a sly visual quote, a verbal or graphic riddle. 

So here I am making these shirts. Nobody, and I mean, nobody saw that coming!  My frats are like, "Hey, man! I didn't know you were creative!" Me either. This is definitely a case of "necessity is the mother of invention." I'm inventing the business that I know I must have. I invent the shirts I wish I could wear and would love to see. No. Not just "see": I'm inventing the shirts I would love to use to ENGAGE members of the Divine Nine.

Yeah. That's about it. Be Owt.